About Us

Operations in Delaware, USA and R&D in Beer Sheva, Israel. Our team is decentralized and international, with team members from the United States, France, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Japan. All are committed to the ethical development and implementation of technology and artificial intelligence.

Meet Our Amazing Team Members

Alexander Borschel

CEO and designed AI System. Experienced Background with non profits, driving innovation for local indigenous communities, and artificial intelligence, with experience designing & training drowning prevention systems, and AI cybersecurity implementations. - USA.

Nurit Maatok

Award winning criminal defense attorney, represented before the Supreme Court, and Class Actions, published author, and co-developed the AI system for evidenciary enhancement and analysis.

Pankaj Thakur

Experienced Writer, Head PR & Brand, Digital Advertising, Analytics, Outreach & Product Marketing, -France.

David Sedgwick

Chief Information Officer - Infrastructure, Security & Software Development - USA.

Miran Dvir​

Head of Hardware Engineering - Lead Hardware & AWS Development - Israel.

Sean Stonehart

Sean Stoneheart Community Director Head of Community Development - Training Data Generation Management- USA/Japan.

Hugo Bermudez

Leads Business Development, Channel Partnerships, Sales & Strategy - USA.

Thomas Pressley

Administration & Operations,
Community Management - USA.

Noah Davis

Application Software and AI Systems Implementation. - USA.

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