Ethically Developed AI

We build solutions that transform images and video into actionable insights from radiology images to satellite and CCTV to help professionals make more informed diagnostic and treatment decisions.

Our AI are focused on impact, working in hand with researchers to find the best methods of building, training and deploying AI pursuant the goal of maximizing beneficial social and technological impact.

Tomorrow's Artificial Intelligence, Today. Transforming how we see with an ethically developed and implemented enhance and analysis platform for the general public, private users, and businesses.

  • ETHICAL ARCHITECTURE No Generative AI utilized for operational end uses like our legal or security oriented tools.
  • FOCUS ON FIDELITY Of critical concern is for legal or medical end use our AI have what we call a focus on fidelity, where we use context aware and feature mapping based transformative-oriented machine vision operations. This ensures a reliable and dynamic system, that without bias, is able to be used for different end uses per the user, with tools enabling the AI deployment.
  • RESEARCH FOCUS We work in hand with researchers to enable utilization by the general public and businesses, with the intent to become a central forum between the academic, business and general public regarding AI discussions and development.
  • ETHICALLY TRAINED: The data used for training our AI is sourced from the Martial Arts Alliance community, or otherwise self generated, not using other’s data without explicit permission.
  • EMPHASIS ON IMPACT: With time, we intend our technology to be of benefit to many industries, from enabling more accurate justice and legal representation by revealing underlying data that otherwise would have gone unnoticed, and could negatively impact those who may be falsely accused. Our facial recognition deployment eliminates false detections, without a fundamental need to overhaul the facial recognition architecture.
  • HUMAN FOCUS: We strongly believe Artificial Intelligence should be developed to empower the human, not replace them. Our AI and their system seek to enable the user to see further with greater insight than they would otherwise. Our AI and its system replaces no job, provides no direct automation in that capacity. We seek to help the general public and professionals leverage AI in ways they can’t prior, without fear of it taking their role one day.
  • AI ACCESS: We are committed to enabling access to AI for the general public.

Solution specifically designed to optimize how radiologists, researchers and doctors read images, detect findings, generate reports, and share insights with referring physicians and patients

  • Automated image analysis: One-click segmentation of lesions on X-Ray, CT and MR images.
  • Enhancement Suite: Leverage next generation AI to transform your medical data, Upscaling far past current market capabilities (x8) up to x32 and 20k, even from low resolution images, or high resolution medical imaging
  • Automated reporting: Report generated based on AI analysis that can be configured and customized to enable. Equips providers with advanced insights and editable reports based on radiology images, helping to reduce turnaround time and improve reporting consistency.
  • Seamless integration: Easily integrates our AI and their tools into existing PACS, EHR, worklist, notification, and dictation systems to optimize workflows, whether through API, our cloud platform, or local installs.

Our AI can be leveraged for different use cases across different industries, or for private use.

Enabling AI Access

We are committed to enabling the general public and business not only easier access to AI, but also seek to create powerful tools to leverage the AI for actionable insights. We are developing technology to empower people, not replace people, and do not seek in any way for our tools or AI to replace human decision making.

Maximizing Impact

Predictive Equations is committed to benefitting not only our shareholders, but also stakeholders. We have already enabled defendant early release from jail and appeals and acquittal process internationally, and enabled police investigations in the USA. We are comitted to our AI being leveraged by the general public for the common good, while enabling development of additional AI to benefit researchers, businesses and the average user.

Green Initiative

Artificial Intelligence is computationally, and thus energy, expensive. On par with blockchain- we seek to find paths forward to mitigate this, such as utilizing solar arrays and green energy methods to conduct inference, as well as computationally less expensive methods of conducting AI inference.

Focus on Fidelity

We do not use generative AI, and our AI use context mapping and feature awareness to create incredibly highly accurate enhancements and analysis efforts to enable human observation or 3rd part observers. Our AI are trained in ways that mitigate bias as much as possible, and deployed in ways that maximize reduction of harm, and benefit.

Transform How We See The Future

We are determined to build high fidelity, positively socially impactful AI, enabling ease of access to artificial intelligence for the general public and businesses. We seek to be an intersection between research and commercialism, helping to guide the ethical implementation of AI for different positive industry and societal end uses.


Predictive Equations is on a mission focused on ethical technology development and implementation. Our goal is our technology is of benefit to the general public and private businesses, governments. We seek to build AI and tools to enable them, to enable medical research and diagnosis, as we believe everyone should have the ability to use the best medical data possible to enable treatment, legal representation and evidence enhancement to limit mass incarceration and enable fair and unbiased representation by both defendants and prosecutors. 

We also research best practice methods for technologies such as feature mapping and matching to enable context and high accuracy AI architecture, as well more potentially impactful technologies such as behavioral and facial recognition. Systems such as these are used to enable investigations as confidence checkers, and we are devoted to the idea that Artificial Intelligence should be built and designed to enable human decision making and actions, and insight, not to replace people, jobs. We believe the human is what makes the AI actually useful, and seek to have developed a dynamic system to leverage the above ideals.

We are also devoted to the ethical utilization of AI beyond just ethical implementation and best practices, but also with green initiatives such as utilizing renewable energy production methods, like solar arrays, to offset energy expenditure for our AI operations. Our goal is to eventually have all AI inference conducted and be a net positive on the energy and carbon emissions, as well as serving as a model for other companies that seek to do the same. 

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