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Predictive Equations is proud to have been selected by Techstars to take part in their Fall 2023 cohort. It is an incredible opportunity to directly focus on growing and scaling our company, and has already led to so much change in the last few months.

It has been awesome to meet Gary Stewart, who granting us access to his vast depth of experience in the VC world, and Vance Dekker and Cordelro Brown who are also helping us navigate the program and NYC.

We cannot wait to translate the experience and opportunities into benefit for Predictive, our team, and our customers. We have had a knack for always organizing and growing during difficult times, and 2023 has proven no different. I want to thank our team Pankaj Thakur Thomas Pressley Sean Stonehart David Sedgwick Miran Dvir nurit maatok for the incredible effort they have put into making Predictive Equations what it is today.

We are grateful for the opportunity with Techstars NYC not only because of how it can help our company grow, but also because it has been made clear that we are working with incredible people.

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